A wise friend once said what you thank  about God  brings about. Today i am beseeching you to try it out and see the wonders it has made. I tried it and since then my life has been a thankful one and stress free. be blessed



This life of love,

Love that is from above,

Love that is perturbed,

Yes love that is perky,

And seems to come from North Jersey.

This life of love,

Where the perfectly,

Becomes to an eye perfect,

It don’t matter what you’ve done,

As long there is love.

This life of love that is so obscurity,

Tends to be obnoxious,

Yet those caught in pretend to be oblivious of it,

Reason because they are fondled,

Really I don’t understand this love.

This love that has got innumerable things,

The coolest of them being bad,

And the badest of them being good,

Do you even understand it?

Please , do watch out for this life of love.



It’s a wonder ,

Yes it is,

How such a small thing,

Can maneuver great beings,

A wonder it is,

Isn’t  It?

It’s really a wonder,

That this small thing,

Can be used by simple and complex beings,

Each for his own gain,

Without costing him or her pain,

A wonder it is,

Isn’t it ?

It really is a wonder,

That this small thing,

Can make great beings small,

And small beings great,

Can make you rise or fall,

A wonder it is ,

Isn’t It?


I know  that you too wonder,

About this small thing,

That can cause pain or gain,

Yet it doesn’t get paid,

A wonder it is,Isn’t it?

Imagine it is just a PEN.



Sometimes we forget that we just man,

And at anytime God can put us in his trash can,

We think that for him it a hard task,

Truth is  he only needs his winnowing fork and dust pan.

Most of the time we try to make ourselves just man,

Problem is there has only been but one just man,

Jesus Christ our lord who was the son of man,

And  still he was just a man but a just man.

We do not like to admit that we are unjust men,

And give in to the almighty for us to be cleansed,

If we only knew how furious are the fires of hell,

Then we would accept our savior whom for our sake he bled.


I used to write secular,
My mind was on being popular,
Instead of being a beggar,
Never knew in me had so many errors.

I used to be bragadocious,
Used words that were vicious,
To those in need I turned deaf years,
I knew never it would come my year.

I only visioned to earn money,
And to live a life of party,
Get a house and a buggati,
Or labda be a mnati.

Was focused in the wrong stuff,
Making me just like chaff,
Now I got my eyes on you,
And I can see the way out.


As God gives each rose,

A generous touch of dew,

More will he do to yourself,

Yes don’t worry you.

As he is high,

He’ll make thee the head,

You shan’t be beneath,

You’ll never  be the tail,

As long as you in him you will prevail.

See he sprinkles his blessings,

After you pass some testings,

Imagine he forgets all your messings,

Because for you he wishes the best.

When you are like oh my,

He is like yes I,

He will bless thee,

For the rest of your life.