Why Now is the Best Time to be a Writer

there is no other time like now

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Those of you who follow my blog know that optimism IS my super-power. Yes, The Digital Age can be daunting. We are entering uncharted territories and often we have to learn by trial and error. One of my peeves is when “statistics” compare earnings or “success” of traditional authors with self-published and indie authors.

Traditional has had generations to shape and mold a business model, whereas the new forms of publishing are still in their infancies. But, I promise you those babies are gonna grow up FAST and boy will they have an appetite.

Just to throw my in two cents; one of the LARGEST blessings of social media is we have unprecedented access to experts. Need to know about guns, law enforcement procedures, geography, whatever? SOMEONE is happy to give the answer. I had a writer friend in Europe who wanted to set part of her book in Texas…

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The rains are here

yes they are near

But why you so angry

When you wanted them so badly

Surely man you are

Never contented

The summer is here

Yes It’s already dawning

There you are complaining

That it’s gonna be hot

And how little it was raining

Surely man you are

Never contented

The spring is close

I can feel it with my nose

Yet you still complaining

And wish that it was winter again

Surely man you are

Never contented

Winter is back

Surely it’s a whack

A dream come true

But noooo,U are not contented

U wish that spring hadn’t ended so fast

Surely man you are

Never contented